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Full Version: Spokane Create's CNC Mill
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Just a little teaser of what's coming...
Geeking just a little bit.
That is so cool!
After reading through the manual last night, and doing some research this morning. It definitely runs on non-standardized GCode. Ought to be fun to figure that one out.
Hey Nate, we got it figured out about 30 minutes after you left. We haven't figured out how you would enable the spindle in the jog menu, but we did get a program manually loaded. It even displays a simulated toolpath in monochrome!
Awesome! You guys rock! From there it will be easy to write a program that starts the spindle and does some linear paths.
We need to remember to get coolant. We are running on empty.
Can't wait to see what you guys came up with. Thanks!
Out of curiosity, what's your preferred coolant / cutting fluid?
(07-03-2015, 12:30 AM)ABearden Wrote: [ -> ]Out of curiosity, what's your preferred coolant / cutting fluid?

I don't have anything specific in mind. I've used several different types in the past, but KoolMist is the only brand I remember using. I never purchased the stuff, just used it. Basically something general purpose (aluminum and steel) that hopefully doesn't stink to bad, non-corrosive, and can sit for at least a week without use. If we have to do a skimmer setup, we can...but it would be nice to find something that works well without it. Local shops may have a recommendation on what could meet our needs. Or if someone else has more experience with coolant selection I'd love some input. Smile