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Full Version: Metal Casting Workshop
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Metal Casting and Sand Molds Workshop

Saturday, October 29th, 2016 10am – 2 pm

Shop Lead: John Wojtulewicz

Are you ready to melt metals?? Spokane Create will have a Metal Casting workshop October 29th, 2016. John will take you through the process of making sand molds, safely melting metals in an electric kiln and of course the pouring of molten metal. The class will begin with a coaster of the Spokane Create Logo that will be used to make a two part sand mold. This mold will then be filled with aluminum and finishing techniques will be discussed. The second part of the workshop we will work with you to create a sand mold of something you have brought to be cast.

Everything we will be working with is presumed to be hot so please dress appropriately. Long pants and no open toed shoes are required (preferably boots). If you have welding gloves and safety glasses please bring them but they are not required.

We will supply all the tools necessary for the class all you need is a willingness to learn. If you’d like to bring in a piece for possible casting in the second half we’ll be happy to help. Complex shapes can be difficult to cast so please keep the pieces fairly simple.

Space is limited to 10 people.
Cost is $25 per person. All proceeds go to Spokane CREATE!

How to Pay
Dan has posted the PayPal donate button in the next message in this thread. Simply click the button and enter your PayPal login or credit card information.
Here you go, you can use this button to signup for this class!


* Button removed. Class is now full
Signed up for two spots;
Ray Stoner
Jeff Kyser
Oh, should have asked, is there a dimension and weight limit to the part to cast? I'm thinking of a pulley blank.
If there are still openings available I'm taking one.
(10-14-2016, 08:51 AM)acartier1981 Wrote: [ -> ]If there are still openings available I'm taking one
Whoops, Alan Cartier
Sounds way too good to pass up Smile
Thanks everyone for signing up, look forward to teaching this.

Good to hear from you Ray. A crucible can pour a 6" x 6" x 1/2" piece roughly. We'll have a couple of crucibles going at once but haven't tried pour a couple at the same time. Does the pulley block come apart to do several castings? Should be a fun experiment.
4 Slots are taken, 6 Left.
Oh, well, I'll think of something else. Was thinking of about a 6" diameter pulley with three steps, so total thickness would be about 1.5 inches with each pulley about 1/2 inch thick.
I've signed up for one slot- Jeff Worley
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