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Full Version: New Project!!! Custom home camera security system
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I am new here...only recently found group during Covid... but figured I would try and kick off some forum discussion. I am about to begin a project where I use Raspberri Pi's and cameras to make my own wireless securty camera system with streaming. I am sick of all the commercial options....they all want more money to use their cloud and if you don't then i swear they throttle their tech to make it not work right. I currently have an ARLO system at my rental property that managed to catch just the ass of the man who stole my propane tank one night. This tank takes a bit to unhook and release so this guy was under camera for at least a minute before walking away. Anyways jsut intro post for now I will make post with list of items and plan for the process the first time i sit down to start project.
What feature list are you hoping to achieve? And local storage, remote storage, or both?
(11-14-2020, 05:46 PM)ABearden Wrote: [ -> ]What feature list are you hoping to achieve? And local storage, remote storage, or both?

Well the system hopefully will be wireless with a Raspberry Pi also serving as storage main, streaming rig, and managing hub for the whole system. Idividual camera features I hope to add perhaps a solar charge option to outdoor cameras. I also have IR illuminators and some of the cameras are IR sensitive so those will be the outdoor cameras. I also got microwave motion detection boards to trigger recordings. I now that many of the githubs already out there have frameworks for the cameras and AI to recognize movement and humans but I feel that perhaps sidestepping that feature and using the microwave may be more realiable for catching all footage from the start. We will see in testing how good those AI algorythims are and if they are prone to catching whatever they catch halfway through the act or worse like many of their commerical cousins. Now with remote storage...my plan was just to setup a radom youtube channel and i stream my feed on there or the recordings immediatly after capture on there and use that as external storage plus I can access footage from anywhere.
I did a DIY camera setup at my last home with just local storage, though I could remotely access the local storage to check in on my house (on a 5 minute delay, in recording blocks) while I was away. The funny thing was my internet pipe was right out at the front of the house and anyone who wanted to make trouble could presumably have just hit the wire with a hatchet or knife or probably just give it a healthy tug and it would render any internet dependent security measures meaningless and if they nabbed the computer they'd have the video records.

Where I am now the internet comes in on a fiber string to the high tension poles which means somebody with a broomstick, some tape and a butter knife could probably knock my eyes out before even coming onto my property.

Well, something to take into consideration when developing a supervision plan.
Obviously not what you want to hear based on previous messages, but I've had great success with Unifi camera equipment. On-site storage, remote access, wireless and wired cameras...

If you do want to go the DIY method, be ready for a lot of work and tinkering. I've gotten a camera system running, but it sounds like you want a lot more features than come out of the box.