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Full Version: Local Maker LFG
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Hello all!

Not sure if this space is still active, but I sure hope so.

I've been a maker for a while, but mostly using standard tools for carpentry and construction.  I have rusting coding skills in PHP and Python, that I want to dust off. 

I also have at least one of most basic shop/construction tools.  I also have a Dremel Digilab and a mid-level sewing machine.

With that in mind, here are the skills I can contribute and want to develop. I've provided a shorthand for my knowledge/experience. 

TK: Theoretical Knowledge (from reading and watching videos). 
PE:  Practical Experience (actually doing the work)
0-3 scale:  0 = None, 3 = Expert

Skills - Can Contribute/Teach

  1. Basic Carpentry — TK:2 PE:2
  2. Frame Construction — TK:1 PE:2
  3. Programing: PHP — TK:2 PE:2 (rusty)
  4. Media Production — TK:3 PE:3 (e.g. Audio, Video, Photography, Streaming)
  5. How To Teach Skills — TK:2 PE:2
  6. How To Present Ideas — TK:2 PE:2
  7. How To Do A Rough Design — TK:2 PE:2
  8. Online Promotion — TK:2 PE:2 (e.g. Social Media, YouTube)
  9. Community Building — TK:2 PE:2 (e.g. Forums, Discord, Slack)
  10. Gardening — TK:2 PE:2

  11. Linux/BSD — TK:1 PE:1
  12. Open Source — TK:2 PE:2
  13. Computers & Networks — TK:2 PE:2. (Building & Connecting)

Skills - To Develop

  1. CNC milling — TK:2 PE:0
  2. 3D Printing — TK:2 PE:0
  3. 3D Design (e.g. Sketchup) — TK:2 PE:1
  4. Programming: Python — TK:2 PE:1 (rusty)
  5. RaspberryPi or Arduino — TK:2 PE:1
  6. Welding — TK:1 PE:0
  7. Sewing — TK:1 PE:1
  8. Laser Engraving/Cutting — TK:1 PE:0
  9. Resin Work — TK:2 PE:0

Projects I Want to Make
  • Raspberry Pi Camera Trap
  • CNC Milled Kaizen foam for tools and production equipment

  • Open Source CNC projects (e.g. Bee Hives)
  • Garden/Greenhouse Hacks

  • Kayak Hacks
  • Kayak Trailer (Welding)
  • Adventure Van Interior (Welding)
  • RC Camera Car for Wildlife
  • rPi Citizen Science Stations (e.g. BirdNet)

  • Stuff you want to make (I'll help)
Can also bring along my sons (14 & 12) and perhaps my wife and brother.  We'd really like to connect with other local makers.