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Full Version: Spokane Create in 2024
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Hello all!

It's been a hot-minute since I've been on the forum (or been to the building for that matter) ... is Spokane Create still a thing? 

Are folks still meeting on Wednesday?

What projects are people working on?

I've moved houses recently, so am digging up my various PCBs / Microcontrollers. I don't have any active projects in mind, but I continue to tinker around with the 8-bit microcontrollers (ATMega328P / PB and PIC Microchips.)

My daughter continues to ask about Spokane Create, so we might have to pop by!
Update: Looks like you're open on the LAST Wednesday of the month now? So January 31 @ 5:30 eh? I'll do my best to make it!
Hey Brendan, can confirm it is the last Wednesday of the month so the 31st this month. That cool your daughter still ask about it, must be a teenager by now.

Hope to see you the 31st, John
Hey, it was fun seeing you all again at Spokane Create for January! Dennis, Nate, John, and "Olympic" John! Thanks for taking Natalie and I around to see the new digs.

I am still tinkering around with 8-bit microcontrollers (ATMega and PIC) ... I might see if I can dig up some notes from things I've tinkered with, and will post them in the "Projects" section.

Something *is* wrong with the forum though....pictures that were attached to posts are missing; profile pictures are missing / broken ... so it might be worth looking into.

See you in February!