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3d Printing Filament - pyreflos - 12-20-2019

Is there a local source for 1.75mm PLA, ABS, or PETG filament?

RE: 3d Printing Filament - n8cutler - 12-22-2019

I'm sorry I don't know of any place locally. We had such a large donation of filament that we haven't had to purchase any in years.

RE: 3d Printing Filament - ABearden - 12-22-2019

I looked a while back and found nothing. Home Depot had some for a little while, but they clearanced it pretty quickly. I've been using online vendors for mine when I need the occasional something different, but I built up a decent stock so it's not often.

Emergency project?

RE: 3d Printing Filament - pyreflos - 12-23-2019

(12-22-2019, 10:09 PM)ABearden Wrote: Emergency project?

No, impatience. My brother gave me his 3D printer since he’ll be out of the country for a couple years. But he couldn’t fit the 1/4 roll of filament he had left in any of the boxes. And I didn’t order any because I thought he was shipping it. The timing between printer arrival and me leaving town for the holidays made shipping filament goofy.

I’ll be on the west side for a couple days, so I’ll pick up a roll at Fry’s on the way back to spokane to test. I’ll just order more as I need it since it doesn’t seem to be stocked locally.