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Spokane Create in 2024 - Brendan - 01-02-2024

Hello all!

It's been a hot-minute since I've been on the forum (or been to the building for that matter) ... is Spokane Create still a thing? 

Are folks still meeting on Wednesday?

What projects are people working on?

I've moved houses recently, so am digging up my various PCBs / Microcontrollers. I don't have any active projects in mind, but I continue to tinker around with the 8-bit microcontrollers (ATMega328P / PB and PIC Microchips.)

My daughter continues to ask about Spokane Create, so we might have to pop by!

RE: Spokane Create in 2024 - Brendan - 01-02-2024

Update: Looks like you're open on the LAST Wednesday of the month now? So January 31 @ 5:30 eh? I'll do my best to make it!

RE: Spokane Create in 2024 - IdeaMakers - 01-22-2024

Hey Brendan, can confirm it is the last Wednesday of the month so the 31st this month. That cool your daughter still ask about it, must be a teenager by now.

Hope to see you the 31st, John

RE: Spokane Create in 2024 - Brendan - 02-01-2024

Hey, it was fun seeing you all again at Spokane Create for January! Dennis, Nate, John, and "Olympic" John! Thanks for taking Natalie and I around to see the new digs.

I am still tinkering around with 8-bit microcontrollers (ATMega and PIC) ... I might see if I can dig up some notes from things I've tinkered with, and will post them in the "Projects" section.

Something *is* wrong with the forum though....pictures that were attached to posts are missing; profile pictures are missing / broken ... so it might be worth looking into.

See you in February!