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garage LED lighting project
04-02-2014, 09:53 PM,
RE: garage LED lighting project
(03-02-2014, 10:26 PM)Brian_H Wrote: Boy it's been a long time!

A long time, indeed. After seeing a friend's led lighting project today, I thought back to your project, Brian, and logged on to see if you'd gotten the lights put together and powered up yet, and pictures of your sweet workspace thusly illuminated.

How's it coming? Anything you'd do differently, were you to do it over? And - bonus - if you do have your lights installed, how does it feel to work in a light of that quality? I remember upgrading my underground garage from a couple incandescent-lit swing-arm lamps to a two-bulb overhead fluorescent fixture, and being amazed at how much more I could see. "Man, it's dirty in here!" I remember thinking (the low-level spotlighting hid dirt, dust, and clutter). Flash forward a couple years, and I found some LED lights that were made to replace fluorescent tubes in commercial fixtures. I proceeded to replace my fluorescents, and remember thinking "Man, it's quiet in here!" (my fluorescent ballasts were of the older, constant buzzing type) but also I recall noticing that everything seemed... more focused - maybe to do with higher contrast due to CRI? Or un-noticed-but-ever-present fluorescent flicker preventing eyes from focusing correctly?...

I hope you've got news to report! Me - I'm off to look up Nichia leds.

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