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Spokane Create space, modeled crudely in Sketchup
03-04-2015, 11:13 PM,
Spokane Create space, modeled crudely in Sketchup
This seems related to location planning.

I'm thinking since we're delayed in setting up the space the way we might want it due to having to wait for an electrician to run 240v back to the corner, we might as well start thinking about how our 21' x 45' could best be used (this number is from our back corner to the rollup door, and then again from the corner to the edge of the space we're currently allowed, about where the metal shelves with the "Spokane Create" sign are at. I heard a rumor the guy who runs the place might give us that whole side of the room...)

To facilitate this, I made a simple Sketchup (2015) model, and built some tables, a shelf unit, and a welding screen, which are included as components and thus can be moved around easily. The floorspace we've been allotted thus far is green.

[Image: 2yjxcea.jpg]

.zip   SpokaneCreateLayout.zip (Size: 193.26 KB / Downloads: 0)

Join me in moving the furniture around! It'll be easier on our backs this way.
03-05-2015, 12:19 AM,
RE: Spokane Create space, modeled crudely in Sketchup
First thoughts...

.zip   SpokaneCreateLayoutv1.zip (Size: 368.49 KB / Downloads: 1)
[Image: 2411hkm.jpg]
03-05-2015, 09:56 AM,
RE: Spokane Create space, modeled crudely in Sketchup
That looks awesome. My input (no sketchup file because I'm at work):
  • I like the direction of enclosing the heavy machinery to protect the other creators. Mandatory PPE area. Maybe include the compressor in there?
  • Door at the end of the welding area would allow benches on both sides, though not sure how much space that might require (in regards to the emergency exit and walking space between benches)
  • Perhaps shelving in front of where the welding door is currently, as long as it won't block the exit.
  • How many computers are we planning to setup versus space needed for the welding/machining? I think Nate was looking at getting 10 with a grant. Though, with rolling/folding tables, that middle area looks like an almost perfect classroom.
03-05-2015, 12:22 PM,
RE: Spokane Create space, modeled crudely in Sketchup

Mandatory PPE area(personal protective equipment, in case anyone was wondering): If SC continues to operate after Toolbox hours, I wonder if it would be feasible/acceptable to have the computer area totally separate from the arts & crafts area? I mean: continue to have people inhabit the space up on the shop floor as well as the space down by the main entrance. That way, computer users (and maybe clean/quiet crafts like electronics) would be away from the noise, dust, and possible projectiles that come with working with tools? If we set it up that way, it'd be much easier to just say "If you want to be on the shop floor, you gotta have PPE"

Also, movable screens for projectile-generating equipment

Quote:Door at the end of the welding area would allow benches on both sides, though not sure how much space that might require
I like that idea, and will play with putting the metal area door and tables in different places.

One thing this model shows me is that we probably don't have enough room for non-moving workbenches and larger industrial equipment, such as floorstanding lathe and mill, cnc router table, cnc plasma table. I can think of a couple different options here (these are, of course, not mutually exclusive: all 3 of these at the same time would be ideal, I think)

#1 - Workbenches are easily moved, possibly collapsible, nestable, or stackable. When SC is open to the public, workbenches get moved out to the open area directly in front of the rollup door. There, we could have more benches, as well as a classroom setup if desired, with a projector screen and presenter station at one end

#2 - Workbenches stay in the SC area proper. Any large industrial equipment beyond our space capacity is put outside the SC area proper, and shared with Toolbox folks during the daytime

#3 - We are allowed (or commandeer?) more space on the shop floor
03-05-2015, 01:42 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-05-2015, 01:44 PM by ABearden.)
RE: Spokane Create space, modeled crudely in Sketchup
Okay, messed with it a little bit. I'm not as skilled in Sketchup, but this is what came about. Figured that opening the space on one end would allow for the caster workbench idea when Toolbox isn't there. Expanded the PPE area with the idea of fitting all heavy equipment and the air compressor in there. Probably with the welding bench in the corner to make the vent system as short as possible.

Question is, what's permitting like for non load bearing walls? Would it have to be a well-secured "temporary" (i.e. not bolted down) structure?


Attached Files
.zip   SpokaneCreateLayoutv1_Arthur.zip (Size: 379.66 KB / Downloads: 0)
03-05-2015, 11:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-05-2015, 11:34 PM by david tremaine.)
RE: Spokane Create space, modeled crudely in Sketchup
(03-05-2015, 01:42 PM)ABearden Wrote: Expanded the PPE area with the idea of fitting all heavy equipment and the air compressor in there. Probably with the welding bench in the corner to make the vent system as short as possible.

I'm thinking best practice would be to put everything that generates smoke, sparks, and abrasive dust in one place, totally separate from anything with moving parts. With this in mind, I'm imagining welders and grinders, and (fingers crossed) CNC plasma cutter all in that curtained area.

Here's a picture to sum it up. You didn't comment on it, Arthur, but I'm curious to hear your thoughts (and everyone else's!) on the idea of having industrial elements (dangerous stuff) on the shop floor and clean/safe/computer/electrical elements down in the lobby during SC hours.

[Image: 2pyue89.jpg]
[I added several pre-made models to this one, file size seems too big to attach here (30mb) so if you wanna load it in Sketchup to feel it up, you can grab it here: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=0028...0596844346 ]
[This doesn't show shelving for parts storage. I included it just beyond the mill, thinking/hoping that the manager of the building will grant us more space]
[I'm still imagining the tables in the rollup door area as temporary, to be stowed away but available for SC and Toolbox]

>>> Maybe this is the grand master plan and I've just understood it, but it would make a lot of sense to me if Toolbox were to use our equipment during the day for their light-manufacturing-startup-incubator patrons, and then we took it over and offered it for use by the public after 5:00, several nights a week, and maybe daytime weekends.

In that scenario, there'd be no complaint and every incentive for Toolbox to have our computers and stuff in other areas than the footprint we've been designated. <<<

Air compressor could go anywhere in the building, I'd think (though, ideally, not near a source of abrasive dust). Dan has said he'll be bringing an upright AC in, and will offer to share it with Toolbox. I don't know the price of air hose off hand, but I imagine in bulk it can't be much {$20/100' of 3/8" dia on ebay, free shipping}. Really, ideal would be to have the AC out of sight and out of hearing, which in my mind either means tucked in a closet somewhere or enshrouded by concrete panels. I have a couple thousand pounds of ready-mix concrete sitting in my shed - I'd be glad to take care of that, if it were decided to be the best choice.

I met a guy today who told me about a possible source of free 1/2" plywood. I'm gonna go investigate that tomorrow, and hopefully bring more materials in for shelves, wall panels, benches.
03-06-2015, 12:20 AM,
RE: Spokane Create space, modeled crudely in Sketchup
My concern with putting the heavy industrial stuff out on the floor as opposed to in the enclosure is that when it's running the whole warehouse could get loud. That, and it's not unbelievable to generate projectiles that can cross the warehouse. Also, if the computer stuff is down in the lobby, how do we work the 10 computers? Do we store everything in our corner, and setup the electronics (oscilloscopes, signal generators, etc) down there every time we need them?

As for Toolbox using our equipment, what kind of company are they? There might be legal/tax implications if a corporation is the primary user of our equipment as a non-profit (I'm not a CPA/lawyer, so I don't know, but rules regarding that can be surprisingly specific and crazy). Also, who is responsible for maintenance if they're using it 5 days a week and we use it maybe one night a week? Do they use our consumables (rods, wire, endmills, bits, etc)?

You're on a roll with the building material! That will significantly reduce costs.
03-08-2015, 04:03 PM,
RE: Spokane Create space, modeled crudely in Sketchup
The Toolbox is going for a very open warehouse theme, its OK for it to be noisy, if it becomes an issue perhaps we can have a night dedicated to non noisy activity or visa-versa.
There will be a large gable vent on that side of the building so it should be able to keep up with any smoke, fumes, etc.

As for the tools being used by others there are plenty of legit ways to handle this. But of course Toolbox has been rather generous to us so I really don't see any issues that they would not take care of something if there was an issue.

I really like the designs so far, but you guys are correct, we have to be able to marry both electronics and shop together in a cohesive space

"If you didn't build it, you will never own it." - Barton Dring
03-08-2015, 07:50 PM,
RE: Spokane Create space, modeled crudely in Sketchup
Lots of great discussion and ideas here! A couple things to note:
We may be able to use the area down below, but we can't have all electronics exclusively down there. We will need to create a way to safely use them on the shop floor. We can divide up the floor and have PPE required where appropriate. Of course training will have to be completed on some machines before use is allowed.

It would be in our best interest to have tables, benches, tool racks, etc. as portable as possible. We also want what we do to look nice. Remember, portable and professional!

The drawings are a great idea! Keep the brsinstorm going!

"I built it because I didn't know I couldn't"
04-02-2015, 01:30 PM,
RE: Spokane Create space, modeled crudely in Sketchup
Looking at the layout again last night, I was imagining an overhead shelf spanning the entire length of our allotted space, as a possible storage option for infrequently accessed items. It's 12' from the floor to the bottom of the overhead beams, and the wall is drywall/plywood(didn't pay too much attention) only to 8', leaving the last 4' as exposed studs (not sure that name is accurate - these 4' 2x4 sections are not structural, and wouldn't be useful for anything more than supporting sheetrock or very light duty shelving). All that's to say that I imagined a large, very strong shelf at that 8' line - strong enough that we could stack, say, computers, or aluminum scraps, or projectors or servers on it, without any fear of failure, pallet rack style. I'm thinking forward, too, to a time when we might have 20 or 30 people attending at a given time, wanting to work on a project and then have a place to store it. With an overhead shelf available to shift less-used or backburner items to, we could free up space on the floor-level shelves for oft-used materials as well as project boxes for individual members / teams.

In toying with that idea, I sketched up a couple others, too.

[Image: 8%27%2Boverhead%2Bshelf%2C%2Bopen%2Bweld...a%2Cv4.jpg]

- 8' height single overhead shelf spanning the length of the SC space, imagined at 3' wide
- blew the roof off the welding/grinding area, allowing for overhead storage as well as (hopefully) keeping a little closer to the goal of "open workshop" feel
- deleted air compressor and long materials rack, substituted sheet goods rack (by the emergency exit door)
- added another ~4x8 shelving unit at the S end
- Also, in more words - I imagine having an invisible line extending from the east side of the emergency exit due south to the shelves. On the east side, stationary tables and equipment. On the west, stuff's on wheels (invisible ones, as of yet), and is packed in together when SC's not in operation, but deployed to the open area of the floor during Create!time. Maybe some of these rolling tables could have electronics or otherwise clean equipment, and could thus be rolled as far away as desirable to escape sources of dust and (acute) noise.

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