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$13.99 Eachine H8 Mini - Quadcopter Review
06-21-2015, 03:23 PM,
$13.99 Eachine H8 Mini - Quadcopter Review
Greetings from Eugene Oregon! We have finally found a place in Chehalis, WA, and that is where we will be moving.

So, I ordered a Eachine H8 quadcopter from http://www.banggood.com and I have had it for a bit now, and I decided to write a review on it!

The quad is a good portion bigger than the Cheerson CX-10. The controller is also a bit bigger.

Included in the package is:
* 1x Eachine H8 Quadcopter
* 1x Remote Control
* 1x 150 mAh Battery
* 1x Charging Cable
* 1x Screwdriver
* 2x Extra Props
* 1x Instruction Manual
* 4x Leg Padding

The quadcopter's material quality is not great, but seems to hold together good. The controller is a little bigger than the CX-10's and is there for easier to use. It has the same method as the CX-10 to flip (press right stick and move in in the way you want to flip) it also has up/down/left/right trimming to calibrate it and a speed control button. It's sensitivity to the throttle stick is much higher than the CX-10. The prop guards that are part of the frame of the quad are great, you can even fly it while it is ribbing against the wall and the guards will protect the props. The props are very durable and, overall, the Quadcopter is really easy to fly. I recommend it to anyone, especially since it's only $13.99 with free shipping. It took precisely 12 business days for me to receive mine. The copter comes in black and white and you can buy extra batteries and props on bang good.

Link my own pictures/video of quadcopter:


Link to purchase quadcopter (it comes from china, but for an extra $2 you can have it delivered from a US warehouse if they have any in stock there):

06-21-2015, 03:43 PM,
RE: $13.99 Eachine H8 Mini - Quadcopter Review
Awesome, good to have cheap alternatives.

Just a heads up to anyone wanting to order: use PayPal for BangGood if you can. They have a bit of a reputation for not being secure with credit cards and many people find their cards being stolen after inputting the information at BangGood.
06-21-2015, 03:54 PM,
RE: $13.99 Eachine H8 Mini - Quadcopter Review
Yes, I always use PayPal on any website if they accept it.
07-06-2015, 04:36 PM,
RE: $13.99 Eachine H8 Mini - Quadcopter Review
I didn't want to make an entire new thread to post about this, but I am seriously considering funding this! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3ds...=discovery

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