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Sasquan anyone?
06-30-2015, 02:56 PM,
Sasquan anyone?
When I joined the forums back in September, I had grand ideas of participating in discussions and finding out about the Spokane Createspace, as well as finding out if anyone knew about or was planning on attending Sasquan (

And then life happened. Sad

One of the reasons I joined is because I am the Area Head for Maker Activities at Sasquan, the WorldCon Science Fiction and Fantasy convention that is taking place in Spokane in August. I was hoping to involve Spokane folks in the convention.

I would still like to do that. I will have a "Maker Activities" space in the exhibit hall at the convention and I am looking for ideas for the space as well as potential helpers. The Spokane Public Library is graciously loaning us a 3D printer for the duration of the convention, and it will be in that space.

If you are already planning to attend the convention, perhaps you would consider helping out in the Maker exhibit for a few hours.

Everyone must pay to attend the convention, but if the convention makes a profit and you volunteer a minimum of 8 hours, you may be able to get the attendance fee back.

Does anyone have suggestions for what to include in the space? We will have 2 4'x8' tables to display things on as well as some 4'x4' pegboard walls. I'm just starting to pull ideas together.


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