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10-28-2016, 08:00 AM,
Hi All   Glad to be back settled down for the winter after an active and busy summer. I was in wednesday to touch bases and to machine an ejector blade removal block.  To get the ejector tooth out of the bolt of a ruger 10/22 is very hard since the plunger has to be pushed in and then the tooth pulled. I used aluminum since its best to use plastic or aluminum first if steel is not needed. The machining is more forgiving in all areas. Have been trying to figure how to demonstrate the use of the mill and machining in general so that people can tie it in with what they are doing when needed. I think people view machining as "making something for the sake of machining"--they then find themselves at a dead end and it never gets done.

However when the person is on a project they consider "high tech"--you will run into a situation where an item is required--or possibly a second operation on an item that has been created "high tech".   THEN the machining is done to accomplish a needed purpose such as in my small block--which I need to finish saturday since I ran out of time.

I have been thinking of options how to make the machining knowledge available to get the ball rolling as to what can be done so that people will utilize the mill. I did short videos while I milled my blocks and the format likely will be to patch together 10--20 second videos to get the ball rolling. If I worry too much about making the perfect total video it will never get done. Likely a blog may be best for one page--in one place--that anyone can access for the info. The forum seems somewhat like a message board only--not sure--maybe i dont know how to work it. Facebook is not practical for the videos and info because then everyone has access to my friends and family which simply no good.

Number one issue for the mill is that I think it will be best to take a piece of mild steel--and aluminum to give a VISUAL DEMO on camera how it visibly looks while milling. It does not work to try to educate everyone speeds and feeds and the information is instantly lost. It needs to be seen because nobody has an idea whether to make .010 cuts or 1/4 inch cuts or how fast to feed etc etc.  Thats all for now   I will try to upload a couple photos and possibly later sign back on to upload a video.  (I just tried to attach a couple photos--it does not allow me to do it so using the forum to put out info is out of the question)    

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