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Electric Bikes
04-12-2017, 02:28 PM,
Electric Bikes
I was referred here by Catherine Olsen, Environmental and Sustainability Manager for the City of Spokane after a phone call we had about my new business, Spokane Electric Bike Rental. After reading some of the posts I am still not sure I fit here as an innovator in the classical sense but, what the heck. I love creators of new ideas, people that live outside of the box because that is me. 

So essentially my partner and I traveled the country trying to find a bikes that have a much wider appeal then what is currently in the market. We want to use electric bikes to solve all kinds of practical problems. Most of my target markets are not even on the radar for the industry for a variety of reasons. 

I started by finding a unique tricycle that had a short frame to overcome the twisting unstable feel that comes with most trikes. It was light enough to make it practical and yet sturdy enough to handle a very heavy person. It has fat tires so our customers can let air out or add it. This allows the rider to customize the feel of the ride and to accommodate uneven road conditions. I chose the biggest battery and motor we could afford for our target price. I hoped this would encourage our customers to use it more frequently, allowing clients to get a healthy return on their investment. 

I see so many applications in the commercial and residential arena. For example I want to approach large businesses to see if they would allow me to present to their employees the benefits of the electric bikes  from a health and financial perspective. There is scant data to support the health benefits but in my own experience I have see that once you understand how to manage the help the motor gives you to environmental conditions and your level of fitness almost anyone can enjoy health and emotional benefits. Further, the few studies that have been published (with good controls for bias) seem to show most resistance people have to electric bikes dissipates once they ride the bikes.

I plan on hiring a graduate student at some point to use the raw data we create for clients and businesses we sell to publish a meta analysis. My best guess is that electric bikes will prove to be a hell of return for the employer if they are willing to pay part of the cost because people will achieve better fitness and be in a better mood compared the current health incentive program they have. I think people will ride because it is fun and reminds them of fun times as a kid and because they will save a fortune compared to driving their car. 

We of course are in business to make money, but I see so much good that can be done by capturing what we learn about how we interact with this new invention. 

It is very exciting. I would love to hear your thoughts good bad and otherwise.

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04-18-2017, 08:52 PM,
RE: Electric Bikes
Welcome. We actually have a pretty active electric bike group, but you wouldn't know if from the forums. Smile Perhaps they aren't on the forum often. I don't have much experience in the electric bike arena, but didn't want your post to sit for a week without a reply. I believe John W., Alex, and Tyson are just some that have built their own. If you are able to drop in during open hours, you might look for those guys to get some feedback, ideas, or just talk shop.

"I built it because I didn't know I couldn't"
04-20-2017, 03:38 PM,
RE: Electric Bikes

I will take you up on your offer. Whats the address?

Thanks for the post. I will look forward to meeting.

Rob Welk
04-20-2017, 05:52 PM,
RE: Electric Bikes
Hi Rob. The address and open hours are in the green box at the top of this page. I look foward to meeting you.

"I built it because I didn't know I couldn't"
07-02-2017, 08:21 PM,
RE: Electric Bikes
Hi Rob, sorry I haven't been on the forum for awhile and have just notice your message. Spokane Create's address is:

840 E Spokane Falls Blvd Bay #1 Spokane WA, 99202

We are across the street (south) from Spokane Power Tool.

I heard about your shop and had been meaning to get to Mead for a visit. Then I read you had an open house over the weekend that I wasn't able to make either. We'll keep trying to meet up. We are mainly building our own battery packs for our bikes from used laptop batteries where I believe you are selling / renting commercial bikes. Would love to compare bikes if you could bring one in on a Wednesday evening.

Look forward to meeting you, John
John Woj
IdeaMakers Designs, LLC
"I'm on the the verge of something" Breaking Bad

08-11-2017, 12:12 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-09-2021, 11:49 AM by Castelli.)
RE: Electric Bikes
(04-20-2017, 05:52 PM)n8cutlw er Wrote: Hi Rob. The address and open hours are in the green box at the top of this page. I look foward to meeting you.

I'm getting an elec bike soon and can't wait to start modding it.

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