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Facebook Potential Fundraiser
11-21-2017, 04:53 PM,
Facebook Potential Fundraiser
Saw this pop up and thought it might be a nice little kick for funding Create. Too bad matching wasn't in place for the router funding!

Facebook Fundraisers https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers

Giving Tuesday donation matching https://www.facebook.com/help/332488213787105
11-21-2017, 10:25 PM,
RE: Facebook Potential Fundraiser
Awesome. Thanks, Arthur. I'll get a button setup for Tuesday.

"I built it because I didn't know I couldn't"
11-27-2017, 08:34 PM,
RE: Facebook Potential Fundraiser
Unfortunately, it looks like we are going to miss the window on this.  We have to be already registered with Network For Good or Facebook's charitable giving tools and the processing time is 2-3 weeks.  We are getting all setup to receive donations via this method moving forward, but that won't help us for tomorrow.  They take 5%, so without Tuesday's match it is better for Spokane CREATE! if donors give directly via our website/PayPal.  Of course, 95% is better than 0%, so if the FaceBook method brings in new donations or makes it easier for people to give, then that's totally worth it. Smile

Thanks for the suggestion on this, we will get setup for next time.

"I built it because I didn't know I couldn't"

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