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Electric Scooter Project
10-04-2018, 01:10 AM,
Electric Scooter Project
So I' m going to start designing a electric scooter to help me get around (cause i cant afford are car Tongue)

I will be ether recording or documenting everything so others can replicate this if they would like.

So to start these are the requirements i have for the scooter.

Main requirements 
  -Must be able to reach 20 mph (at max load if possible)
  -Must be able to carry a minimum of 250 Lb (this does not include the weight of the scooter)
  -maximum length of 42" long (106.68 cm)
  -Must have a minimum range of 8 miles (with all the accessory powered on)
  -"fast charging" (has to take no longer than 1 hour to fully charge (this can be up for debate))

Secondary requirements 
  -Screen that reads out speed and battery life (no idea what type of screen)
  -Some type of input to adjust settings (whether that is a touch screen, or buttons)
  -removable seat (just a basic bike seat)
  -Must fold down to take on the bus (when the seat is not attached)
  -Assorted Lights ruining off the main battery (things like headlight(high and low beams if possible), brake lights, and turn signals)
  -must use a key to turn on
  -"All terrain" (mostly gravel and light snow)

This is just a small brain storming list.
This is a link to a google doc that i will update as i work on this project.  ( https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Cst2...sp=sharing )
I want to try and finish it over the winter so i can use it during the summer

I would love help with this project
Best ways to help-
 -Sending links to Tools and materials/other items needed for this build
 -Any technical know how
 -most anything else that you might think is useful

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