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COVID-19 Update
04-09-2020, 09:36 PM,
COVID-19 Update
During this difficult time, Spokane CREATE! has been asking what we can do to help fight COVID-19. We are starting to get the same questions from the maker community and we wanted to keep you posted on the current status of our efforts.

Spokane CREATE! has reached out to many local medical facilities in our area to see how we can help. In our message to these foundations we have outlined our specific capabilities including the following:

1. Working as a point of contact for the Spokane maker community. We can work with medical facilities to determine pre-approved and agreed upon 3D printed objects to request from the community.
2. Organizing a disinfection line for 3D printed objects - basically providing a method for medical facilities to receive a product that is ready to be used
3. Injection/cast molding production - possible ideas: masks, stethoscopes, face shields, etc.
4. Barriers - we have capabilities to build any size clear barriers (Think plexiglass except larger and any shape)
5. Vinyl fabric welding (Think the same process for making IV bags, but in any shape and size)
6. Gowns - industrial sewing capabilities
7. Aluminum fabrication - frames, mobile equipment, etc.

To date, all replies to our message have indicated that our message was received and they will reach out to us if our help is needed. This is inline with what we are hearing the general maker community is receiving as a response. Local medical facilities are likely overwhelmed with offers to help at this point.

The real challenge is likely a logistics issue. Spokane CREATE! is here to help solve those problems. At this point, we are standing by ready to help, waiting for a medical facility to confirm a local need.


The following video does a great job summarizing logistics issues and showing a working solution.

"I built it because I didn't know I couldn't"
04-24-2020, 07:45 AM,
RE: COVID-19 Update
I think it probably bears consideration that with all the well intended offers to help there also bears legal liability; if later any negative patient outcomes can in some way be traced back to the decision of a hospital facility to take in equipment from a vendor they can be argued to not have properly vetted - now it's an expensive day in court for them. Legally better to refuse help even if they need it than to make a decision whose outcome could one day be litigated.

The company I work for is building & donating $40k (materials) worth of face shields, typically we manufacture communications hardware. But we're an iso9001 supply chain and existing approved vendor in many medical facilities and I think that reduces legal friction somewhat.

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