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Useful Software
04-25-2013, 10:23 PM,
Useful Software
Here is a small list of useful free software. Anyone else have software they think is awesome and is their go-to software?

All of this software is cross-platform and will run on Windows, Linux, or Mac.

OS = Open Source
FC = Free Commercial


3D Modeling:
Sketchup - (FC) - http://www.sketchup.com/ (fast 3D sketches)
FreeCAD - (OS) - http://www.freecadweb.org/ (parametric modeling)
OpenSCAD - (OS) - http://www.openscad.org/ (programmatic modeling)

Electronics Design:
KiCad - (OS) - http://www.kicad-pcb.org/ (schematic capture and PCB layout)
LTSpice - (FC) - http://www.linear.com/designtools/software/ (SPICE circuit simulation)

Scilab - (OS) - http://www.scilab.org/ (numerical computation and simulation similar to MATLAB)
Maxima - (OS) - http://maxima.sourceforge.net/ (computer algebra system)
SciPy/PyLab - (OS) - http://www.scipy.org/ (numerical computation in Python)

VirtualBox - (OS) - https://www.virtualbox.org/ (like VMWare or Parallels)

Inkscape - (OS) - http://inkscape.org/ (vector drawing)
GIMP - (OS) - http://www.gimp.org/ (photo editing and drawing)
Picasa - (FC) - http://picasa.google.com/ (photo library)

Note-Taking and Learning:
Anki - (OS) - http://ankisrs.net/ (memorization software)
Evernote - (FC) - http://evernote.com/ (cloud-based note application)
Freemind - (OS) - http://freemind.sourceforge.net/ (brainstorming)

Text Editors:
Notepad++ - (OS) - http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ (awesome source code editor)

Video Editing:
HandBrake - (OS) - http://handbrake.fr/ (for converting various video formats)
04-26-2013, 06:43 AM,
RE: Useful Software
Text editor: Vim
Version control: Git
Terminal emulator: iTerm2 (OS X), xterm (Linux)
Shell: zsh
Window manager: xmonad (Linux)
Web development tools: CodeKit $ (OS X), Compass $ (OS X)
FTP: Transmit $ (OS X), FileZilla (Linux)
Media: VLC

Everything without a $ is open source iirc. The $ ones are relatively inexpensive and worth the price if you use them very often at all. I'll add more stuff to this list later as I think of it.
08-05-2013, 05:36 AM,
RE: Useful Software
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