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5:30pm - 8:30pm Wednesdays

Thank you for attending only if you ...

  • can wear a face mask
  • do not have a fever, or are not otherwise ill
  • have not tested positive for COVID within the last 5 days

Thanks for supporting your
community 501(c)(3) makerspace

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Impetus for obtaining 501(c)(3) status
05-16-2013, 09:21 AM,
Impetus for obtaining 501(c)(3) status
Our organization meets the focus areas of local grants such as http://www.avistafoundation.com/. Once we obtain 501[c](3) status, applying for such grants will allow us to expand to new areas.

Today I was looking at my company's policy for matching gifts. They will match up to $200, which is not much, but it is something. Unfortunately, they will only do this for 501[c](3) registered organizations.

We are about half-way towards raising the amount needed for our application fee. Tell your friends about our group, and ask them to donate $20! We only need 20 people to donate that much.

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